Big Ideas

Big Challenges Need "Big Ideas"

We are constantly exploring ways that we can address the main environmental challenges facing us today. Already, amazing things are happening all the time across Ireland and the globe to combat the alarming and unprecedented ecological crisis facing us, the planet and our wildlife.

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Action On Once Off Plastic

The big challenge of our time, of a scale that's almost impossible to comprehend. Let's deal with it!

Marine Protection

Because we can't see it so easily, it's tempting to be less focussed on the enormous challenges we face below sea level in all our oceans. A needless crime!


To be REALLY serious about the opportunities available to us, it's to time to REALLY get to grips with this most inspiring of concepts. Let us now all re-wild the planet!


From the reintroduction of the lynx to saving the black rhino, our teams here in Ireland and elsewhere are making a contribution to Projects around the world.

“Beautiful wild places only fulfil their real potential, when the natural creatures that live there, are present too”

Thomas Hannigan