CSR Opportunities

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is where businesses and companies take responsibility for their impact on society, a concept whereby enterprises integrate social and environmental concerns into their mainstream business operations on a voluntary basis.

Source: CSR Hub Ireland / Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation

The Restoration Trust provides a unique range of CSR Possibilities and Packages!

Sponsoring any of our causes includes an in-depth consultation with a Marketing Expert, to tailor the PR opportunities that will work best for your company. We'll help with the positioning of your corporate identity and the best choice of project to align with your company values and vision.

Here are some of our entry-level, very affordable yet highly important sponsorship options:

Pond & Video

Ponds are crucial for biodiversity. One of our most popular projects is to establish a new pond (particularly for Natterjack Toad conservation) , with a video to capture live wildlife images

Barn Owl Boxes

These iconic birds have fewer and fewer places to nest. Our Nest Box Project can help change this all across the country

Animal Rehabilitation

Thousands of animals are injured every year. Your sponsorship can help with their rehabilitation, care and return to the wild!

CSR is Good for Business!

A key driver of CSR is the impact it can have as a lever for improving competitiveness and as a means of reducing costs and creating new value. Most businesses seek to be profitable, and this can be done in a manner which creates shared value for all stakeholders. High performing organisations manage their societal, economic and environmental responsibilities in an ethical manner which benefits them, their workers and their wider local communities.

CSR can have a positive influence on the competitiveness of enterprises and it can bring real benefits in the following areas:

  • Winning new business and increasing customer retention;

  • Developing and enhancing relationships with suppliers and networks;

  • Attracting, retaining and maintaining a happy workforce and becoming an employer of choice;

  • Saving money on energy and operating costs and managing risk;

  • Improving your business reputation;

  • Providing access to investment and funding opportunities.

  • Customer relations: consumers are increasingly paying more attention to the environmental and social credentials of the products and services they buy and the activities of companies in the sourcing and production of the goods they sell.

  • Risk management: as a means of anticipating and reducing potential sources of risk and a means to enhance reputation.

  • Cost savings: particularly in the area of the environment and resource efficiency.

  • Human resources: through its effect on employee relations, the capacity to attract and retain talent, and its positive impact on staff motivation and productivity.

  • Improving innovation capacity: engaging with customers enables businesses to keep close to emerging market trends and can lead to the development of new business models or products.

  • Investment: Investors are increasingly looking at the ethics and practices of companies they are considering investing in.

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"A growing body of research has shown that Millennials want to work for companies that project values that align with their own, and environmental sustainability is gaining ground as a key value for the younger generation."

Source: FORTUNE - How going green can be a boon to corporate recruiters