Osprey Reintroduction

IASCAIRE COIRNEACH - is the Irish name (meaning 'tonsured fisherman') for one of the world's truly iconic birds of prey, the Osprey.

Once common in Ireland, but sadly driven to extinction in Ireland in the late 18th century, the Osprey and its dramatic dive into a lake to snatch a fish, is now our new focus and will be one of the country's most exciting and high-profile restoration projects.

Irish Osprey Reintroduction Programme

This project is being managed by the experts in 'Raptor Re-introduction' - The Golden Eagle Trust. We believe in restoring the damage and mistakes of the past. We believe in a future where the world's pressing development needs are met sustainably and conservation objectives are achieved while providing lasting socio-economic benefits.

The Trust is preparing to reintroduce the Osprey to Ireland and restore this magnificent bird as a breeding species to this island.

Osprey reintroduction programmes in Europe have provided considerable conservation and socio-economic benefits.

This project will re-establish another keystone species, raise conservation awareness and provide long-term benefits for all, including to Irish tourism.

Getting Involved

BUSINESS: This project represents a once-in-a-lifetime PR and Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity. There are numerous options for companies to become involved and display their support for this important environmental, biodiversity initiative.

NON-BUSINESS: The public can also contribute to the success of this venture, by volunteering to help with a range of related activities, from preparing the habitat to public education and awareness.

For Further Information:

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