Our Story

Originally inspired by the shrill call of the Irish Curlew – A Symbol of Wild Ireland!

The ECO Restoration Trust (formerly known as The Curlew Trust) is a fully registered Irish Charity that was established in 1978. It was originally set up to protect Ireland’s dwindling natural habitats and wildlife from the effects of rapid ecological change provoked by increased levels of industrialisation, unsustainable intensive agriculture, population growth and urbanisation.

Today, the Restoration Trust has become a major international conservation charity that continues to aim at counteracting the dramatic adverse changes on Ireland’s natural biodiversity. We seek to educate the public, promote action, and halt the decline of our varied habitats and the wonderful wildlife they support.

As a voluntary green organisation made up of ordinary men and women who volunteer and take time out of their daily lives to support the trust, we hope to preserve what is left of our beautiful and varied ecosystems. We realize that we have already entered a phase of our natural history that will probably be remembered as the largest mass extinction of species ever caused by one single species in the history of planet Earth. This phase will sadly be seen as a stain on humanity forever.

“Radical policy changes all over the world are urgently required to prevent irreversible harm and damage to the planet”